About Me:

As a photographer I like to look at detail. I think that a lot of things can get overlooked in the busy world that we live in and I want to show in my images beauty in things that the average person may not think had beauty within it.

Over the many years of studying photography I have developed my passion and skills of macro and texture photography. To do this I generally use a canon 5D and 100mm macro lens I feel this gives such a rich and more defined photograph. In a lot of my images you will see that I play on the ambiguity of the object by enlarging the image and playing with the sense of scale so that the viewer has to really look at the image to work out what it is this has since become a trademark of my work.

I have recently embarked on a new project that has taken me out of my comfort zone and have been making my very first artist book titled ‘Dog Eared’. To purchase this book or any of the other images shown please contact me via email or phone.

All the photographs appearing on this site are the property of Lauren Brace Photography. If you wish to use one please email me.

Tel: +44 (0) 7743426166

Email: laurenbrace@live.co.uk